👋 To learn what is new in Pixyz Scenario Processor 2022.1 have a look at the list below 👇 !

<aside> ⚠️ Important reminder! Since version 2021.1, Pixyz Batch product is replaced by Pixyz Scenario Processor as Pixyz automation/batching product.

Please contact your Pixyz/Unity representative or reach out at https://create.unity3d.com/unity-sales, to know more about Pixyz scenario Processor and the best way to migrate from Pixyz Batch.

Note that your current data prepatation scenarios for Pixyz Batch, coming as Python scripts, will keep working with Pixyz Scenario Processor (minore adjustments might be required beacause of API changes)

Additionally to usual Python scripts, scenarios can now also be packaged as Plugins, and are required for the AWS package.


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Each feature is listed by category and contains Description / How To sections that quickly explain why / how to use it


<aside> 🔗 **Download Pixyz Scenario Processor 2022.1 Full Release Notes Python API Changelog**